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FreeBible is free software for reading and studying the Holly Bible. Unlike other similar programs, it has a very intuitive interface, full of icons, that lets you use all its features easily. Also, you don't need to download several modules in order to have the complete software; it comes in a sigle pack, albeit a little "heavy", but it contains all you need to start reading the Scriptures. Also, you can download optional modules if you want to study the Bible in other languages, such as Spanish or French.
A very interesting feature is the Reference Library, which contains many tools to complement your reading. Among them is the Easton's Bible Dictionary, that is one of the most respected Bible-related texts; also, you can find several maps and charts, and shortcuts for finding the exact chapter and verse of many Biblical events, sorted by themes (Parables and Miracles from the Old and New Testaments, Divine Covenants, and so on).
The Search feature lets you find any word or prase of the Bible, and with the Select Verse feature you can go directly to any verse in a very graphic, intuitive way. In short, this is an excellent program for those clerics and laypersons interested in studying the Holly Scriptures.

Victor Hernandez
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